Jan 26, 2017

An article on Integrate+ project was published in a Slovenian forestry journal


An article entitled “Praktično usposabljanje na Evropskem inštitutu za gozdove, projekt Integrate+ in demonstracijska ploskev Marteloscope Pahernik” (Practical work at EFICENT, the project Integrate+ and the Marteloscope Pahernik) was published in December 2016 issue of Slovenian forestry journal ‘Gozdarski vestnik’ by Kristina Sever and Daniel Kraus. The Marteloscope Pahernik was established in the course of the Integrate+ project and allows to perform virtual tree selection exercises. Based on different, virtual intervention scenarios participants of exercises can observe and discuss o site the effects of their decisions on economic and ecological parameters. Special emphasis in the training is given to tree microhabitats and their importance for forest biodiversity.


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